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Benjamin Goodheart

Dr. Benjamin Goodheart has worked in the aviation industry for 25 years, helping organizations - over 1000 in total, from FBOs and flight schools to international MROs, manufacturers, and airlines - build systems around safety and leadership for actual humans in real organizations.

Selected Case Studies

The following are just a few examples of Benjamin Goodheart’s experience. For more information about how Magpie’s team can build success with you, contact us any time at +1 720 900 0928:

A mid-sized FBO chain was struggling not only to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, but to find a way to level up their skills across a diverse network of locations. Dr. Goodheart led a multi-year project for design and implementation of SMS across the chain, conducting the gap analysis, designing and delivering training, managing the implementation project, educating senior leadership, and aligning strategic planning to include a renewed commitment to safety. The company not only successfully implemented SMS, they saw increased retention and engagement because of grassroots involvement built into Dr. Goodheart’s approach. Today, the company continues to see benefits in safety, too, and has achieved Stage II IS-BAH registration.

When an international charter operator had an in-flight accident in a foreign country, they relied on Dr. Goodheart’s experience in dealing with the media as well as regulatory entities. From coordinating with US lawmakers to secure the release of the aircraft and personnel, caring for families involved, and managing reputational exposure, Dr. Goodheart worked with a global network of experts to provide steady guidance through a long recovery.

Several public utility providers rely on the Magpie team to unravel the elements of their culture that make them successful, and understand those norms and values that don’t contribute to their capacity for success. Dr. Goodheart and Magpie’s partners have created practical tools for managing day-to-day risk and resilience while improving retention and hiring, building management and leadership skills, and increasing engagement. The result? Safer, more resilient utility delivery by organizations that share information readily and can weather disruptions reliably.

An international airline sought to manage safety in part by understanding what about their organizational culture made them successful, and what areas needed improvement. Dr. Goodheart and a team of experienced professionals deployed a proprietary safety climate assessment study - supported by published scientific research - to provide actionable intelligence to the leadership team. Today, the airline is able to leverage the knowledge they gained to better manage engagement, turnover, and safety system design - with an ROI of 6:1 in the first year.

A senior leadership team at a multinational aviation firm was struggling with achieving front-line results that mirrored the organization’s strategic plans. Dr. Goodheart spent time with the executive team, but also with front line employees and their supervisors to better understand how work was being done. Using the knowledge gained through immersion, Dr. Goodheart created training that allowed supervisors to more effectively implement strategic vision into every day work, and for executives to more completely understand the goal conflicts they created unintentionally. Using design thinking strategies, Dr. Goodheart led the executive team through learning exercises to better understand their business and its impact on customers and employees, all toward an outcome of more efficient operations.

A state department of transportation decided that waiting for SMS regulation might put them on their heels, so they looked to gain insight early, and plan ahead for FAA rule-making. To support that goal, the state hired Dr. Goodheart to create comprehensive training for all airport personnel to enable a smooth transition to SMS implementation and maturation. Dr. Goodheart met training design goals, delivered in-person training on time and on budget, and helped the airport group lay a foundation for the successful SMS they have in place today.

An air medical operator sought to change up their emergency planning, which had gotten stale over years of doing things the same way. Dr. Goodheart designed and delivered an experiential scenario complete with live phone calls, simulated news websites, media inquiries, and social media interface. The training not only engaged participants fully, it left a lasting impression and identified gaps in preparation that were previously hidden.

Presentations and Training

Our view on training is that it ought to deliver what you need, not just a slide show we’ve recycled for you. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, below are a few things Dr. Goodheart has developed and delivered recently. For more information, or to have a customized training plan developed for your team, drop us a line:

  • Design Thinking for Safety

  • Safety Rules: Trading Bureaucracy for Effectiveness

  • Return on Safety: Does ROI Apply in Safety?

  • Safety Leadership

  • Probabilistic Risk Modeling for Safety: Practical Solutions

  • Deconstructing Safety Management Systems

  • Ethical Leadership and Measurable Safety Outcomes

  • OSHA for Aviation Operators

  • SMS for Aviation Organizations

  • Building Team Resilience

  • Non-Technical Skills for Technical Managers

Where in the world…

Magpie and Benjamin Goodheart are located in the mountains near Evergreen, Colorado, but serve a worldwide client base.

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