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Not your typical safety consultants.

We're a collection of dreamers and doers who believe safety is something each person in every organization should be able to count on.

We work with partners across high-consequence industries to identify human-centered solutions to understanding risk, resilience, and human potential.

Our core team each have decades of experience in aviation, healthcare, oil & gas, and other technical industries where building organizations to support the humans in them is critical to success.

When you work with us, you'll see a balance of experience and science, all focused on creating systems you and your team can have confidence in. 

We Innovate for real people.  We do safety for humans™.




Evergreen, Colorado

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Areas of Practice

Organizational Culture

Culture is one of those ideas nearly everyone agrees is important, but few know how to address. We’ll create actionable, functional intelligence based on practical, narrative-based analysis of organizational climate to help you map your leadership approach.

Leadership & Strategy

Safety isn’t an exercise in pure compliance, it’s a matter of human leadership and understanding. We’ll work with your teams to understand safety at a strategic level, and to build humility and empathy into practice to achieve reliably improved outcomes.

Systems Analysis

A complex world demands the skill to navigate using a specific set of tools. That’s where we come in. We’ll analyze your organizational systems to identify areas where employees struggle against goal conflicts and friction. And, we’ll remove them to build resilience.


We design impactful training and stories that work to give front line employees, middle managers, and senior executives more tools to address work as it’s actually performed. And, we’ll guide learning teams through the process to understand operations and reflect on opportunities to close gaps in organizational systems and nontechnical skills.

Safety management & SMS

Our team has been at the forefront of safety management for years, and we’ve built and implemented hundreds of SMS in a variety of organizations, all with a singular focus: it has to produce real, operational results - and we’ve consistently delivered.


We have the experience to provide start-to-finish support for research design, deployment, and data analysis. Think that level of understanding is out of reach? You’ll be surprised at what we can do to step up your data game.


...wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking.
— Antonio Machado


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