Magpie | Human Safety Systems

Safety for Humans:

Human-Centered Safety, Resilience, and Leadership.

Areas of Practice

Safety for Humans. It means we weave together the solutions that work for you and your team, including:

Organizational Culture

Culture is one of those ideas nearly everyone agrees is important, but few know how to address. We’ll create actionable, functional intelligence based on practical, narrative-based analysis of organizational climate to help you map your leadership approach.

Leadership & Strategy

Safety isn’t an exercise in pure compliance, it’s a matter of human leadership and understanding. We’ll work with your teams to understand safety at a strategic level, and to build humility and empathy into practice to achieve reliably improved outcomes.

Investigation Support

The time to test your ability to respond to an accident or an incident isn’t after it’s happened and your reputation is on the line. Magpie works to ensure our clients are trained and ready to learn from normal operations as well as failures, and that they’re proficient in the skills needed to respond to complex events. When things do happen, Magpie is by your side to walk through the investigation process and coordinate with outside stakeholders - start to finish.

Systems Analysis

A complex world demands the skill to navigate using a specific set of tools. That’s where we come in. We’ll analyze your organizational systems to identify areas where employees struggle against goal conflicts and friction. And, we’ll remove them to build resilience.

Team & Nontechnical skills Training

We design impactful training and stories that work to give front line employees, middle managers, and senior executives more tools to address work as it’s actually performed. And, we’ll guide learning teams through the process to understand operations and reflect on opportunities to close gaps in organizational systems and nontechnical skills.

Emergency Response

Sure, you may never have an emergency that looks just like an exercise, but you’ll almost certainly be tested as a team at some time in your organization’s life. Our dynamic, scenario-driven emergency exercises are designed to mimic the stress and confusion of a real emergency. That way, we push the boundaries of your systems, and build in resilience as we learn.

Safety Management & SMS

Our team has been at the forefront of safety management for years, and we’ve built and implemented hundreds of SMS in a variety of organizations, all with a singular focus: it has to produce results - and we’ve consistently delivered.

Research Design & Deployment

We have the experience to provide start-to-finish support for research design, deployment, and data analysis. Surveys, interviews, data mining, and statistical modeling - we’ve got that covered. Think that level of understanding is out of reach? You’ll be surprised at what we can do to step up your data game.

Audits & Compliance

Safety is about much more than conforming to a regulatory standard or passing a compliance audit, but that doesn’t mean you can skip those requirements. Magpie takes a holistic view of safety, and we build compliance and audit performance into your systems, so you can seamlessly give regulators, vendors, and customers the confidence that your operation is risk-informed and human-centered, not just checking the boxes.